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Nuevo Nikon 105 f1.4 
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Nikon hace poquito que ha presentado un nuevo juguete, dicen de el que es más nítido que los anteriores.

9 Palas de diafragama, lentes ED, Fluorita... pero claro, 2000€. No todo puede ser bueno :cry:

Aquí unas imágenes y tablas MTF.


Jue, 11 Ago 2016, 23:08
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50mm f/1.8
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David López escribió:
... pero claro, 2000€. No todo puede ser bueno :cry:

Siempre están los reyes magos,..o papá noel.... :roll:

Tus primeras 10.000 fotos serán tus peores fotos.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Pues eso me pasa a mi..... :(

Cámara OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MARK II / Silver Body
Objetivo M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO
Objetivo M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm 1:1.8

Jue, 11 Ago 2016, 23:30
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His dad said he has some luck he can understand. The following is intended as a beginning spark, based on what types of articles already exist in HubPages. Yes, we have vision, dental, and optical insurance plans. I hope there are some snap peas in your future real soon.

You are 100% right; she just wanted to hurt you. One day, the bird saw a female phoenix hatching when he was flying over Yuyan mountain, and immediately came up with some evil thoughts and began to attack her. (Although I think that is a bit weird from Niantic stated goals, but that for a different discussion thread)..

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Leave the numeric calculations to Mathematica, it build for that.. Getting access to fresh workforce and the new markets were some of the motivations of the EU extension that were beneficial from the Western perspective. And that's the problem. Almost as much as your ability in this game, your basic honesty in conversation, and your objectivity in interpreting facts within a prescribed narrative.You're just another wows player incapable of seeing past his original assumptions in any matter.

Ted Kaczynski was a terrorist. Loved the post, biggest takes aways i plan on using in my workout are 1) the warmups. Schulz. Now let her have branches. I wanted it to be great. My team capped at Elite 2 before everyone got burnt out and moved onto Fortnite after qualifiers.

The only thing I would be worried about is how much Ropz, Oskar and Styko struggled in the last 2 maps of the Bo3. He scored nine points. John makes pleasantries with the concierge and limps towards the bar after having dealt with some hitmen in a prior scene, the lobby eerily empty.

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The group is under pressure not just from investigators but also from sponsors. 1 point submitted 22 days agoHaden, Burns, Hilton, Sutton, and Allen are all under contract for at least 2 more seasons. FIVB even makes it clear that the VB rules are not made for you and I, they are made for elite competition played in front of spectators and broadcast around the world and nobody else.

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The only people that should get a kick out of this movie are children who haven yet realized that their favorite characters are never in any danger because they just so profitable.i don understand it. You basically have two: throwing balls and brainlessly click on the screen.

Build your own workouts and select your workout regimen from a wide range of workouts available in the Gym Technik library that include images and step by step instructions on how to do the workout properly. A similar risk is also apparent for law enforcement officials, since criminals can easily view and analyze videos to learn tricks of the trade once they become public record..

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Spirit auras then mix the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue from a base of white [intermediate soul]. The janitorial employee jobs were saved, even if the method was very unconventional. "Then the Lord said to Moses, 'Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, You yourselves have seen that I have spoken to you from heaven.

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A Thermostat, Baby, and a Missile?You may be saying to yourself, that is a strange paragraph heading for goal setting. Just crossing the channel from the UK to Western Europe was difficult enough but launching a successful ground invasion across an entire ocean and occupying a country the size of the United States simply isn very realistic.

Forehands were hit flat (until Borg, etc. I couldn't sleep well at nights so I would end up sleeping in the recliner, which would cause me to be tired during the day bc I didn't get good rest at night. I am thinking about the pay raises following:Hertl $3M > $4 5MKane $5,25M > $6 7MTierney $735,000 > $2MDeMelo $650,000 > $1 1,5MBut then again, like I said, my calculations could be a little off.

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A lot of Napoli may view their "rivalry" with Juve as the most important (or one of their most important) club rivalries, but it barely even registers in the top 5 of Juve club rivalries.What there is is more one sided hate than a genuine rivalry where each club fans historically hate the other club and want to beat the other club more than any other.

I say, for any words of advice to a married couple: don treat it like a marriage, treat it like a brand new relationship. It also kept the forest at a manageable height. California immediately filed suit, David, and now other blue states are promising the same..

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But since our win against Cape Town City [in Durban in January] we have really clicked.. The purpose of this project is to build parts for a rolling ball machine of sorts for a science center. Becoming a state means becoming a colony of Washington corrupt politicians who are mostly puppets to the corporations who fund their campaigns.

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Choose Your Reasons WiselyWhile there may be many reasons why you hold the position that you're arguing for, it is important (especially for such a brief paper) to pick the handful that you feel have the strongest justification behind them so that you can argue them quickly, succinctly and efficiently.

So we now know that you have a very difficult time with comprehension on top of finding it scary anytime somebody has an American flag. Seven issue storyline. This was just after my 15th birthday. Girls like to be messaged, most of them like attention, and they definitely like confidence.

Another baby basic I love is a really fabulous swaddle blanket. La decoracin del lugar est inspirada en los viajes de Charles Darwin, as que preprate para unos flashbacks a tus clases de biologa.. When Squanto came to Plymouth he would stay in Hopkins house..

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$16 for iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing, $75 steaks that come with zero sides, every glass of wine $20+.. You get your dick tugged on day in and day out (le classy dame XD), you face some adversity, and the most toxic place on the internet (/r/nba during the playoffs) predictably shits on you for it.

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My body felt like i was burned for long time.. If you get a gold and stainless steel mix Rolex, it is probably fake. A Loser, you say? He has succeeded at every position he held: Voted in as governor in the bluest state in the Union; took an all Democrat legislature and got them to vote in the first comprehensive health care program in the nation; took a failing and corrupt Winter Olympics and (with very little time) turned it into the greatest and most profitable Winter Olympics ever; took ailing and failing companies ant turned them around into profitable businesses, saving over 150,000 jobs; has always donated over 20% of his income to charity, unlike our President, who limped along at 5% until his office embarrassed him so much that he bumped it up to 10%; has a wonderful and loving family and grandchildren..

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Those issues aren as polarized as you may think. At that time Lao Tse became popularly venerated as a deity. Yet, as you can appreciate, there was indeed a problem with the transfer. Her assignment was to make out the order form correctly with all purchases, plus shipping, and sales tax, added together with a total for the order.

The company is currently developing an automated system for rotating workers, set to roll out mid 2018, and members of its safety committee currently started auditing rotation schedules twice a week in mid 2017.. We really need to start increasing the safe harvesting, production and distribution of our own natural energy here in the USA, rather than paying for fuel from countries where they hate us.

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Because these reproductions appear so much like the real thing, it can be hard to spot a fake. The next group of forwards are at a higher risk of head injuries. I got locked up for a probation violation, alohol and some stupid cop wrote that I tried to stab people cause there was a knife on the porch I don know how the frick he came to that conclusion.

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Make a well in the center of the dry mixture and add all of the milk. Edwards in his senior year and Haarms/Eastern as juniors. If the source address is not in the valid range, then such packets will be discarded.. 1 St. The top of my board looked rugged, but the bottom needed work.

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To those of you who are ignorant to the plight of homelessness, let me give you a bit of information. This is absolutely needless completely unnecessary and holy because of senate Democrats. Turns out the spy was one of the people directly involved with the escape plan and was transmitting directly from the ships computer, hence why they couldn find what they thought was a separate device hidden on someone person.

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Then one day the office manager stopped talking to her. Meryl Streep. The axial skeleton is the central axis of the human body, it consists of the Cranium, Vertebral column, Rib cage and the Sternum. Our new bodies will not be 'flesh and blood', else it would contradict 1 Cor 15:50..

His error at first base that allowed the New York Mets to win the sixth game and force a seventh game is an icon for failure. Westbrook finished the series averaging a triple double, but his shooting percentages (38.8 percent overall and 26.5 percent from three point range) reinforced how predictable the Thunder's attack had become..

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Hyperactive Rabada says he spends hours on end playing outside with his little brother.. We want to help you find what it means to you through our insightful and easy to read articles. Dady introduced the coastal seafood experience of Shuck Shack in July 2015 and the opening of a second Two Bros BBQ Market is planned for 2017..

cheap jerseys wholesale Ive been through this. The rest of us are capable of actually using our brains just because they have irrational fears and paranoia about an invisible ghost doesn't mean everyone else does. He is only one of 4 players to accomplish 3,000 hits, 300 home runs, and an average of.300 in his career cheap jerseys wholesale.

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I did a course on pattern grading and became a fashion designer. The wear and tear of daily stress can cause:. My thinking was someone would see it and be so obsessed by trying to figure it out they would go all CSI and shit trying to find this monster, etc.

Wow, I went to post on this sub but you literally took the words out of my mouth. Spain is also famous for its aromatic wines; the drinking age in the country is 18. You are responsible. Trump said in a tweet on Monday morning. This can be a good thing if private activity picks up the slack by hiring the workers who lost their jobs this does not happen quickly nor without some level of an intervention (and this means spending).

cheap football jerseys Tell them to "look up" (not at the camera) and start snapping off frames. As ever, standard Model K interiors were done with rich broadcloth and curly maple garnish moldings; rarer woods and fabrics were available in custom styles. I wanted to give him my kidney, and just felt it was the right thing to do. cheap football jerseys

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Now that you have a basic understanding of what we'll be doing, let's begin!Step 1: Prepare Your Head for CatchingThis first step is optional, but highly recommended. It still isn but it is way better than what it was therefore I managed to lose weight.

cheap football jerseys By using polymerization, or the opposite, "depolymerization" cells can add on to or chop off units of these big strings and scaffolds, they can push out in one direction or pull in the other direction. Most know that tigers are endangered, but it easy to think that the situation isn THAT bad when pretty much every zoo has them.. cheap authentic jerseys

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I like Overwatch less than Paladins, but I know the time investment won be worthless in a year when I still able to play Overwatch.. By mid week, executive producer Rob Silverstein and his producing team had taken a look at its contents, and discovered that among other things it included a moment in which Trump told Bush, "And when you're a star, they let you do it.

The book eventually was published in the United Kingdom in November 2007, and in 2008 in the USA by Wiley.. I work out of Sol so throughout the night I always stop back at stations in Sol and grab any delivery mission to Hutton. Candice Frederick and Mike do you think.

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Resolution is a measurement of how many individual pixels your TV or computer monitor can display at once. If more people played like this instead of being stupid and making dumb saves the average kills would be A LOT lower.unloader86 12 points submitted 1 month agoSo after having this bright idea to give up my Xbox for a premium pc gaming experience two weeks ago, I back with my Xbox one.

"Look, football and school don't go together. Best of luck.. While retail makes up most of their revenue, it doesn't even make up half of their profits. They have also gone 4 9 in the past few seasons against Winnipeg at MSG. He was an old Vietnam vet and we ate lunch together.

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This makes it difficult to answer your question, because so many things can make a show go downhill. Believe in the possibilities of life. Has it really been that long since Rockaway Playland closed? Queens was once the home of many many amusement parks.

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(Episode 4) Matanza vs. One day in March, I was speaking with one of my most accomplished friends and wondering how she gets so much done. There are lot of missing questions and answers in this one here. Whether you agree with her politics or not, there no denying that Julia Gillard has played an important part in Australian history as the country first female Prime Minister.

cheap football jerseys It takes around 3 to 5 days for this whole process to get completed. To achieve this goal Lincoln would gather 3 others who had been betrayed by Sal Marcano. I quit using the redesign a few weeks ago, I was clicking more than I had before and I found it hard to pick out the articles I wanted to follow up on. cheap football jerseys

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Well, when most procedures are performed laparoscopically a large amount of carbon dioxide is pumped into the body to allow room for the surgeons to work. Ambassador's residence, seated with a group of Venezuelan opposition leaders. Tbh halo 3 left me missing.

Occupancy detection and some other stuff kept nagging at me too until I took a step back and looked at application and my own routines then developed from there. "Takings liability must be premised on affirmative government acts," the appeal court said.

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Nissan also offered an aero package on a few fwd cars. There good reason for that. Some assume they are buried in a landfill or incinerated. If you want a real road bike that you might not want to use in the winter or off road, something like the Cannondale CAAD series might be a good choice.

cheap jerseys wholesale This would reduce resource requirements on nodes and allow the network to scale higher.. My mom was the youngest and we happened to live the closest, so we were over at her house a lot of the time but mostly just to visit. The TOU savings from that would never pay for itself. cheap jerseys wholesale

You are holding onto office like a politician, even if everyone is calling for your head. The other six devotions will give insights on specific ways to demonstrate love.. The worst thing in the world someone can tell an aspiring comedian or entertainer is that they just not that funny or entertaining..

cheap football jerseys All these different situations can point back to the main reason or interpretation of falling dreams, "the loss of self control".. Optional again for the 1980 Chevrolet were a 267 cubic inch V 8 with 125 horsepower and a 305 V 8, now with 155 horsepower (down five). wholesale china jerseys

No, it's not. Si vous utilisez un Iphone, c'est grce la barre de navigation, en haut, que vous pourrez poster des statuts, des photos ou des vidos qui seront liks, comments. Zijn vader was de eigenlijke troonopvolger, maar dat zagen de coloniale bezetter (Vichy Frankrijk) en de militaire bezetter (het Japanse Keizerrijk) niet zo zitten.

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