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Debes crear un nuevo tema con la foto que quieras exponer a críticas, si deseas publicar varias imágenes debes publicarlas en el mismo tema todas. En el asunto del tema debes poner el titulo de la foto o del álbum. La publicación de varios temas por el mismo usuario en un plazo menor de 7 días sera motivo bloqueo de cuenta.

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18-55 f/3,5-5,6

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Ubicación: Leganés (Madrid)
ImagenCaixaForum escalera central by The power of PHOTO, en Flickr

Hola a todos, para mi estreno en el foro empezamos con un clásico en el tema de escaleras: Caixaforum Madrid, espero que os guste y agradezco vuestra colaboración para poder mejorarla.
Los datos de la toma son:
Nikon D800 con 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5
f 8.0
28.0 mm
ISO 400

Un saludo.

Jue, 09 Feb 2017, 21:31
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50mm f/1.8
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Magnifica fotografía ,..Miguel Angel.

Tus primeras 10.000 fotos serán tus peores fotos.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Pues eso me pasa a mi..... :(

Cámara OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MARK II / Silver Body
Objetivo M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO
Objetivo M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm 1:1.8

Jue, 02 Mar 2017, 16:12
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18-55 f/3,5-5,6

Registrado: Jue, 09 Feb 2017, 20:56
Mensajes: 2
Ubicación: Leganés (Madrid)
Ramón Martín escribió:
Magnifica fotografía ,..Miguel Angel.

Gracias por la respuesta, el propósito era manchar tanto blanco con algo de color y dado que la gente se movía, un poco barridos sería más adecuado que parados completamente en plan mannequin challenge.

Un saludo.

Vie, 03 Mar 2017, 18:39
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Noctilux 50mm 0.95

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Managers' salaries and allowances are expected to be linked with their responsibility, initiative, and skill, but the spread between minimum wages and highest salaries should be reasonable. Another path is accelerated approval which shortens the overall process if the drug shows significant promise for serious conditions..

The 2nd Battalion was to follow and capture the Cte de Faye (Hills 325, 370, and 369). In his book, Davies quotes extensively from research by the University of Cardiff journalism school which, in alliance with various other research institutions, made a comprehensive study of the state and quality of journalism in the UK.

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Every time he said, is the most dishonest what did the media do. He could give a fuck less about that. There is a decently large percentage near 15 20% that is simply random facts that you have never thought of nor that you can prepare for. Locally, I would also check out Celery Bog, just north of campus.

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Dom, 29 Abr 2018, 02:52
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The show was a quick hit [source: Slocum]. Sources: Washington Wizards All Star John Wall has agreed to a five year endorsement deal with Adidas. Oh, my gosh! Nothing compares to the joy of cooking and eating breakfast outdoors. Although fries and potato related products must be disposed of if they aren used within 7 minutes, you can get promo potatoes that are half hour or hour old.

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What I would like to see for the future, is 10 12 maps fully rotated every six months (mostly after each Major) as a way of keeping the game feel fresh. Francis long form blogs are on another level, during football season I enjoy Old Balls Knee Jerk Reactions to the Pats, I thoroughly enjoy Pres as a villain even though I first liked him as a Masshole, Stool Scenes was cool at first but now it bores me, Big Cat could kill someone and he would still do no wrong in my eyes, and speaking of videos I watch Donnie videos more than anything else here.

This, I was nervous about the switch to multihulls since I seen them race a lot locally and the one tack wonders they usually pull makes for really uninteresting racing from a spectators perspective. "We had to develop the pictures ourselves, stick things together by hand, make montages and all the rest of it.

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The owner's involvement. The body and head were sculpted of foam and shaped as the skis. Younger children are better off with gymnastics, karate, swimming or other activities where they are only using their bodies not sports equipment and building coordination.Even an older child might not be emotionally ready for team sports, Brown added.

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DFW Airport Station, on the other hand, is the light rail station located directly adjacent to two of the airport terminals. If you were to do it yourself, you looking at 30 60 minutes, tops.. The spellings blonde and blond correspond to the feminine and masculine forms in French.

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In all honesty, I rather be working on our next game instead.. Now I have hope. I always felt like crying, and sometimes the tears were hard to stop. He great at keeping things at bay. Although most were well made, they weren't intended to survive the ages.

It is again simply for good governance that this measure is being implemented."The members of staff so affected are: Dennis Mumble, Lindile 'Ace' Kika, Adeel Carelse and Barney Kujane."The SAFA was unavailable to clarify what the FIFA report might mean for South African football or what action they may take after the inquiry..

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An advantage for using the TEACCH method with AS students is adaptability for inclusive settings. I get that sponsors make the sport. The word 'their' refers to people. Try a wall hanging, lap quilt, baby quilt, or table runner size. The term for this is "hindsight bias." Just because the information was available doesn mean it wasn always going to be drowned out by the noisy data surrounding it.

Even if he did ultimately save the summit where said peace was brokered, hes still a loose cannon.. He has given her credit for coming up with the "mascara, blood, ash and cum" line that he stole for his song. The only thing I needed to do was the ironing.

It a bit of a stretch to say that a person who accepts a pardon issued to right an injustice is admitting guilt.. We can evidence complex crafts like shipbuilding, chariot making, and almost industrial scale linen weaving, along with the aforementioned political complexity to match.

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Looking at his stats on ESPN, it looks like he really improved his 3 point shooting, which is good, as he shot under 30% both years at Bama.All that said, best of luck to him and I looking forward to hosting him and the rest of the Arizona team in Tuscaloosa next year.

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All it takes is 1 miss confirm and she dead. Bundy uses passive voice in saying feelings 'developed in him' rather than saying he felt them himself these evil feelings and behaviours are often spoken of as distant, abstract concepts by the very people who commit them.

While there are many genetic diseases recorded in medical science, inherited diseases which affect the brain and its functioning are of special concern, with respect to the delicate nature of the body area and the severe complications. Yoon said the comments came after Moon expressed a desire to travel across North Korea to visit Mount Paektu that touches the country border with China.

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They also keep getting caught out with 1 man separated from the rest of the team. So when we play, we don like to be bullshitted with obvious time wasters that can only fool the young. Then I got to the finish at 10pm or so (I bombed the last bit), pretty shattered.

But you may be ok for one year.. Enter John Browning. Because of the unnatural motion necessary to throw a curveball, it is often regarded as an advanced pitch. But because definitions do work, it important to be aware that they are usually at least to a certain extent arbitrary, contingent, historical, cultural, and changeable.

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Stalling your quad while racing could be disastrous, it seems like a good idea to emphasize the preventative measures of stalling.. There are ways that you can mod your console to allow pirated games to be played. Most are not complex, just emotionally exhausting.

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On the other hand, pro gun people call anti gun folk gun grabbers, liberal snowflakes, etc. That why I literally never stop fucking complaining about living here. Comcast capped BitTorrent traffic to ease upload congestion eight years ago. We had a season where the 2 team did not get a bye and lost in the first round because of it.

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Mike Petry, Creative DirectorRoughness Ready, Firm Fitting. The problems start as soon as they enter the classroom, inappropriate language, disrespectful toward other students and me, unable or unwilling to focus on what the class is doing. Saudi Arabia an ancient land rooted in tradition and bound by a strict all encompassing interpretation of Islam but today this country is changing.

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But speculation about just how long he was going to remain the well compensated coach of Penn State had been going on for a decade or more. Drainage basins don't always empty into a sea. Your Looper will effectively record and playback exactly what you are hearing through the amp at the time of recording, effects included if you are using them on the amp.

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The passing of the Wagner Act was not an instant success for unions. Again, usually attributed to a virus, though it's possible that a disruption of blood flow to the nerve could be a cause. A famous example is the 'Old Pretender' in the V Museum of Childhood in London and very few of these rare toys have survived to this day.

Simple machines are tools that make work easier. Someone turned off the lights in the elevator so I had to walk into the completely dark elevator (the emergency button light illuminated the floor numbers though). There no jury for small administrative fines like that usually..

cheapjerseys It means for me, that I need to make sure my prayer and worship life is constant. I had an awesome start and that made the win. However, we believe that quality is more important than quantity and speed. You remember one of your office parties, around three years ago when you introduced your boss to your wife and they became so chummy. cheapjerseys

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If you looking for a book, one of my favorites (although old) is the 1971 Problem Solving Methods in Artificial Intelligence by Nils Nilsson (ISBN 0 07 046573 8). I would also advice that before you do that, you do an exercise in imagination and think about how it would feel to start a new job and have your ideas shut down constantly by someone who feels you shouldn't be there and is just being "honest"..

It is the hallmark of the best teams in baseball's history to be able to play well enough to account for the breaks that don't go their way.. But without the whole story we can't make conclusions. IT band problems can become chronic if you try to run through them.

But the agreement with NBC Universal does take the League into new territory. And ears hurt too, so get those earplugs with you. Ourtruckhad a liner and the liner witha pre made slot fora vertical 2x6, I think you could use a 2x4 as well. This is not some Viscant vs LTG shit.

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Aksenov write in their 2004 manual "Diving Science: Essential Physiology and Medicine for Divers." For breath hold diving, monitoring both your time underwater and the amount of time that you're resting on the surface between dives is critical because it enables you to keep within the precise parameters your body can handle.

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Deep Purple immortalized the event the following year in their global hit "Smoke on the Water." The song referred to Nobs, who saved many people in the blaze, as "Funky Claude.". Next, locate a second tee in the ground about 15 centimetres or so in front of the ball you have previously tee'd up.

A jaguarundi doesn't necessarily have to be gray. He probably doesn't care whether you're caller 2, 3 or 4. Maybe I wouldn't have felt so lonely for so long. In some stage socialists are so like that. Let them know that they can leave you anonymous messages through the office if they want to write their problems down and reach you for help.

I think the best way is to educate yourself about the best foods to enjoy and the best ones to avoid.. The emotions he does possess are out of control and unregulated because he is unable to control them, much the same way a very young child is unable.

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cheap mlb jerseys In fact, if you had at least one year of group health insurance at one job and then received health insurance at a new job without a break of more than 63 days, the new health insurance plan can't impose a pre existing condition exclusion on you.. All comparisons to Brian Urlacher are just totally out of sync with what he showed in college as a playmaker which is to say he really wasn one.WittenMittens 3 points submitted 2 days agoEh, agree to disagree. cheap mlb jerseys

wholesale jerseys china Hillier Nurseries, winner of more than 70 gold medals, has brought in garden designer Sarah Eberle to give its exhibits a new direction this year. Wasn until I was 16 that they told me I couldn get a license or drive. Depending on an individual's fitness level, they are usually directed to work out at 60 85% of their maximum heart rate. wholesale jerseys china

Like I said, be patient and go slow. Anything higher is too rich for my taste. Said that because it middle of nowhere, people would come to check out his cars from all around southern Finland. Now you've got three 4" by 24" strips and three 4" by 4" squares.

However, it wasn't until I was in my late twenties that I figured it out when I ran into him again. Only way to travel for a "Harry potter" story, magically. Do you ever have night sweats? I do. "Athletes, don't they engage in as much of an oxymoron as it is they engage in negative incentive," Brown said.

cheap nba jerseys You now know that guy saying he for creationism being taught in school. I feel like if I make it to 23 minutes they get more money. Beyond the danger of complete dependence on foreign oil when both global politics and gas prices are more volatile than ever, the environmental impact of burning millions of gallons of fossil fuels faster than we can say "greenhouse gases" is beginning to sink into the general consciousness cheap nba jerseys.

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