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Actualización de Firmware C1.10 (D810) 
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Nikon ha lanzado una actualización del firmware de la Nikon D810, se trata de la versión C1.10.

Los cambios desde la V1.02 son los siguientes.

•Se ha añadido una opción Control de grabación externo al elemento HDMI en el MENÚ CONFIGURACIÓN. Si conecta la cámara mediante HDMI a una grabadora de terceros compatible con Atomos Open Protocol (Atomos SHOGUN, NINJA2 o NINJA BLADE), seleccionar Activar permite usar los controles de la cámara para iniciar y parar la grabación. Encontrará más información en un manual suplementario.Nota: Seleccione una opción distinta de 576p (progresivo) o 480p (progresivo) para HDMI > Resolución de salida en el MENÚ CONFIGURACIÓN.• Se han solucionado los siguientes problemas:

- Aparecían distancias incorrectas en la pantalla de información de reproducción de la cámara para las fotografías capturadas con un flash opcional en el modo manual con prioridad a la distancia (GN).
- Las imágenes, en raras ocasiones, no se grababan correctamente con HDR (alto rango dinámico) seleccionado en el MENÚ DISPARO.
- Si Activar era seleccionado para Suavizado de exposición durante la fotografía con disparo a intervalos, cada fotograma después del primero estaba sobreexpuesto.
- Los números de archivo no se asignaban en la secuencia adecuada.
- En algunos idiomas, los caracteres o parte de los caracteres desparecían de la pantalla MENÚ CONFIGURACIÓN > Datos de ubicación > Posición.
- En algunos idiomas, los caracteres o parte de los caracteres desparecían de la pantalla MENÚ CONFIGURACIÓN > Ajuste de precisión de AF > Mostrar valores guardados.• Se ha modificado parte del texto de ayuda.
- El brillo de la pantalla de la fotografía live view no cambiaba al girar un dial de control para ajustar la compensación de la exposición con Activada (restablecer auto.) seleccionado para b Medición/exposición > b4 Compens. de exposición fácil > Compens. de exposición fácil en el MENÚ CFG. PERSONALIZADA.
- A pesar de que el botón de vista previa detenía el objetivo en el diafragma máximo al recibir asignada la función Previsualizar, el indicador de diafragma máximo no aparecía en la pantalla.
- En raras ocasiones, el obturador no se liberaba cuando el usuario intentaba tomar fotografías en vídeo live view.
- Se podían oír aproximadamente 4 segundos de interferencias en el audio grabado con grabadoras HDMI externas durante el vídeo live view.
- La velocidad de obturación, el diafragma y la sensibilidad ISO visualizados en la pantalla durante el vídeo live view diferían de los valores en el archivo de vídeo final.
- El volumen algunas veces no se ajustaba si los vídeos se reproducían con indicadores ocultos durante la reproducción a pantalla completa (Nada (sólo imagen)).
- La compensación de exposición no proporcionaba los resultados deseados al seleccionar un valor negativo cuando las imágenes NEF (RAW) eran procesadas usando la opción Procesamiento NEF (RAW) en el MENÚ RETOQUE.


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Only pointing fingers. Yikes! Where have you been? I was referring to (yet another) illegal act of violence that just occurred in Tennessee at a Waffle House. (like Cars) They buy commodities like Soybeans, Corn, Pork. I agree. Defensive coordinator Dennis Allen finally realized that and they've toned the man coverage back to 41.8 percent of their snaps the past three weeks.

I know exactly why there are so few: Something is wrong and the seller is trying to hide it and/or a very lazy seller and lazy sellers are just as bad as conmen sellers. I used it with the bright blue NYX Macaron Lippie and that stayed all day too. Bank of Baroda continued to allow the Guptas activities until January this year, when a South African court ordered it to share information about the accounts of more than 20 Gupta linked companies.

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To attain them, the Secretary General has launched different initiatives, including the Zero Hunger Challenge and Every Woman, Every Child. It almost looks like something that someone put together instead of a real living creature but it is real and people keep them as pets..

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The next thing he knew he was falling."Ryan said Morris remembered hitting the electronic message board at the stadium, but nothing after that. Sport in South Africa survives, not because of the ANC, but despite the ANC. Tearful reunions when they finally reached them.

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He said it sounds like Ehrhart "was trying to exert pressure with everything he had" when he got involved in individual cases. The Motorola Karma also packs in a 2MP camera, a decent 2.5 inch QVGA display and 100MB internal memory with support for external storage up to 16GB.

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Was my get away as a kid. Same with Obama for being black. Some people at our church donate a lot of money to our church and don tell anyone because they know that they are simply returning money to God for Him to use that was His in the first place.

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In addition, IAS is not just about the salary and it's more than just a job for making money. For about three days just get used to being around the hamster and watch it as it plays in its cage. It extremely disrespectful, and I bet it makes Quinn feel like shit.

Um, 500 watts? No way. Mexican RecipesI have more diabetic recipes for you! I've learned a lot about Mexican recipes from two of our friends, Jonas and Julia. It ended up that we were going to be going to the same university so we got an apartment together and did the room mate thing.

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Actual conservatives (of which there are still some in the GOP) don like Trump. And obviously some kind of digging tool, like a gardening knife, or small shovel in the fields. Why do you think God gave many birds monocular vision? (This activity and many of the other activities in this lesson came from "Birds, Birds, Birds" from Ranger Rick's NatureScope series.).

All the communication between souls is telepathic. You could probably get away with using CA glue to hold them together and avoid using clamps, which is usually a limiting factor in how many boxes one can make at a time.Hinges seem like a bottleneck.

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These people are of the opinion that if the age is lowered to 18, individuals will get to drink in moderation without being afraid of law, or having to resort to binge drinking in unsupervised places.. Texas68. I love when someone comes here and they're excited about something.

The reasons keep accumulating as more people look at and expose contradictions and, also, as insiders begin stepping forward to talk about their experiences with the Hicks operations. Push down diagonally instead of stabbing straight down.. Weber is the superior dman..

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The routine urinalysis is a useful tool and is usually employed by the physician particularly if you have been complaining of lower back pain, dark or bloody urine, or have frequent or painful urination. Oh to see if he is stressed out look behind his eye there will be a black spot..

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Your brain sends messages that direct your body to heal the cut.. Even then, I just didn give a shit. "Owing to the extensive use of machinery, and to the division of labor, the work of the proletarians has lost all individual character, and, consequently, all charm for the workman.

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If the player draws a green card, for example, he or she moves to the next green spot on the path. Hey friendo, I in a bit of the same place I straight up got called arrogant for saying that I be going to grad school, so I kind of get the situation.

In 1971 "Baby Doc" Duvalier took over and continued to massacre the population. The leaders after Khrushchev, including Khrushchev paved the way to capitalism willingly. I certainly see why people like it, but good God, that took too long to start. The community is still trying to recover after recreational vehicle plants shuttered last fall.

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Probably no one outside of your "Oh shit" lines are going to be invited to play on the team. From the 2010 (which began in October 2009) through the proposed 2015 federal budgets, there have been modest but steady increases in the VA budget. For the time being, the harbor was safe..

Number 1, UndressingImagine you have got as far as the big build up to your romantic encounter. I guess I could try again because I can contribute $1000 to a car now (from my tax return from working last year). MAYBE I found some weird glitch by running into the elevator before the door was fully open (even though I know I done that MANY times before).

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"However, football innovation doesn't come cheap a Footbonaut will reportedly set you back up to $3.5 million.READ: Borussia Dortmund enters space age with 'Footbonaut'READ: Meet football's serial winnerREAD: Locker room confidential with Arjen RobbenREAD: Mourinho and Ronaldo 'hid millions' from tax manAfter installing the Footbonaut, Hoffenheim recorded its highest finish in the Bundesliga for five years ninth though last season the club flirted with relegation before eventually finishing 15th.In a sport where so many factors such as injuries can affect a team over the course of a season, Hoffner is convinced the contraption has a positive impact on the players."It's clear they get faster the more they use it," Hoffner says.

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Several studies show us that including the needs and voices of persons with disabilities at all stages of the disaster management process, and especially during planning and preparedness, can significantly reduce their vulnerability and increase the effectiveness of Government response and recovery efforts.

If your gear is loose enough that you can't see your muscle movements, neither can your instructor or trainer, says A Big Attitude clothing designer Cynthia Tivers.. Things can coalesce and we can look a lot closer to how we did against MN. Those who think it should are not looking at their life from the big picture.

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44 points submitted 4 days agoWe always keep telling ourselves Twitch chat isn't representative of the gaming community but then everyone always loses their shit when restrictions are placed on Twitch chat or all of it is taken away.Like I thought you guys said it didn't matter? Why do you all care so much about preserving it?? I know a few tournaments had controversy because people demanded having Twitch chat, or a non subscriber chat, or this happens every year with AGDQ 24 points submitted 19 days agoSo here the thing: even though banning jigglypuff might be a permanent solution to the inevitability that is jigglypuff top level dominance, it probably can be done and is overall not a good idea.

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Sherry, thank you so much for writing in. He deserves a little attention before he has to share any spotlight.. I think what made this exception do well was because the story was about early silent black and white movies and the illustrator did extensive double page illustrations that gave the impression with each turn of the page that you were seeing scenes from a silent movie.

FILE In this March 1, 2018, file photo, Chris Borland, a former NFL linebacker and Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year at Wisconsin, testifies before the Illinois House Mental Health Committee hearing on House Bill 4341, which would ban tackle football for kids under 12 years of age, in Springfield, Ill.

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I can not explain this powerful set of numbers but I think it is something special. Styling aside, the new Mazda RX 7s earned rave reviews. It's the reasoning used to make the claim that "All Swans are White". Realistically, they were added as fluff for the hypothetical and don add much value.

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How long should your auction run? To gain the most exposure and therefore the most opportunities for people to bid on your item, list it for 7 days or 10 days if you want maximum exposure for a small fee. Obama will praise the 30 million that will be on it as he departs office..

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Please do not try to adjust it. Really not that big of a deal.. "No, no, Arnold," she corrected herself. They haven't met directly with the city of New Orleans to address any potential year 2000 related problems, but they've had preliminary discussions, Hundley said.

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They need to stay in their own little bubble of weird 10 year olds that have 0 parent control.Tl;dr. Every time the SA node fires, the AV node also fires. Education Department, including the Common Core of Data and the Private School Universe Survey.

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We were able to determine that there was a lot of stuff connected. Does this mean an official sect will ever be established? Or that more traditional forms of religion will peter out in favor of a theology of money? You'll have to tune in to see what Matt, Ben and Noel have to say in this pious podcast..

Being unable to effectively communicate with one another creates so many barriers and is usually one of the biggest issues couples deal with; some don't even know that they have a communication issue. The eight teams demonstrate how much of an international phenomenon esports has become.

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The group, led by Sizwe Mpofu Walsh son of advocate Dali Mpofu, is lobbying Oriel College to get shot of Rhodes and his hat. Yet Dems just blamed the GOP just like you are doing with the GOP.No wonder middle America felt left out. I totally understand that he tired from a long days work, so I not going to pressure him at all, but ughughughughughugh.

The market is saturated with ecom sites, but I would argue that it is saturated with a lot of second rate or just plain horrible sites that have no business selling to anyone. Then the players' real game statistics are compiled and compared to see whose fantasy team has done the best..

I wasn't on my phone and I hit the brakes, unfortunately not in enough time. I do much better when I write out the material I learning in my own words. She surpasses experienced people with the same skillset absurdly quickly. Female GuitaristThere's no way around it, playing the guitar has always been an overly male dominated field.

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